*A note to all our customers: transforming your home doesn’t happen by magic!

It is a journey, as big, important and as challenging as any you will make in your lives.

Our team are all human beings, not angels or saints and the people, (mostly men) who carry out the work are builders. The work we do is usually messy and causes disruption to your lives while we are making the improvements we deliver. This is the same with any construction company, but with the changes we make you will live in much greater comfort once the process is complete.

At MakeMyHomeGreen we promise to communicate with you clearly and honestly. We promise to make the journey as good as it can be, but we have to let you know that while the results will give you a much better home, the journey, like all good ones, will most likely have a few bumps in the road to our destination, however if you have been properly prepared, we will all get there happy.