Insulating the walls of your home makes a huge difference to its energy efficiency and comfort. 

For homes built with solid brick walls, heating the rooms to a comfortable temperature is expensive because 35-40% of the heat is lost through these walls. 

For this particular period home, we advised the owner to use both internal and external insulation. This post shows the internal insulation installation process where a layer of Earthwool with formaldehyde-free, non-itch formula and 60% recycled glass content was applied to the existing wall. 

We often get asked how this extra layer will affect the look of the window frame and sill. As you can see on the close-up picture above, it's hard to notice. 

Once the installation process is complete, it's time to have fun, and refresh the style of the room. This family certainly did a good job at it! What do you think?

MakeMyHomeGreen specialise in both ‘Internal’ and ‘External’ solid wall insulation. We can also help you take advantage of ECO funding available to help people pay for this measure because solid walled properties are what is known as ‘Hard to Treat’ properties. Thankfully, we can make it easy!