Paul and Miri completely refurbished their home and made it into an energy efficient Superhome. By installing measures outlined in our unique Advanced Home Energy Report (AHER), they have made their home more energy efficient and cut their CO2 by an impressive 76%.

The MakeMyHomeGreen services employed by Paul and Miri were:

  • Project Advice & Consultancy
  • Advanced Home Energy Report
  • Supply and install of wood burning stove
  • Supply and install of roof insulation


  • 45% decrease in heating bills
  • Significantly increased comfort levels
  • 3.5 tons of carbon saved per year
  • Superhome status with 76% reduced CO2 emissions

When Paul and Miri bought their new home, they knew they would need to do a complete refurbishment. Their aim was to create a family home that was comfortable, stylish and energy efficient without spending a fortune. 


Paul had heard that MakeMyHomeGreen helped homeowners to understand the current energy performance of their home and provided advice and support to improve it.

MakeMyHomeGreen sent one of our qualified energy assessors to their home to gather data, make a detailed energy assessment of the property and talk to the couple about their plans.

MakeMyHomeGreen used the data collected to produce an AHER, our unique Advanced Home Energy Report. This outlined in detail the most effective energy saving home improvements that Paul & Miri could make and their approximate costs.

“We had our work cut out and limited budgets, so the Advanced Home Energy Report was a great way to prioritise where to target our resources to get the maximum impact in terms of the return”. 

Paul & Miri decided to upgrade to our PAC (Project Advice and Consultancy) service. MakeMyHomeGreen advised on materials and construction methods and ensured that the building work met the specifications in our calculations.

Insulating the loft

MakeMyHomeGreen identified roof insulation as the most effective energy efficiency measure to install. This alone made a massive 38% improvement to the efficiency of the property. 

Paul and Miri initially wanted to make a loft conversion, with insulation at the rafters, but as the project progressed, they decided to change that plan to cut down on costs. MakeMyHomeGreen then provided an alternative, affordable method of insulating the roof, that achieved the same energy savings but still have a useful area for storing some of their belongings.


MakeMyHomeGreen have devised a simple, cost effective method of achieving this. The unusual construction of the loft, including an internal sloping roof required a combination of insulation techniques to get the optimum result. On the joists and the internal area of sloping roof, we installed glass wool with formaldehyde-free binder and 60% recycled glass content.


For the storage area we installed specialist rigid floor insulation with compressive strength to bear heavy weights. We also insulated the door to the loft. MakeMyHomeGreen’s knowledge of energy efficient and affordable materials was invaluable. Our experienced team of trusted installers were able to carry out the work in just one day with minimal impact on Paul and Miri.


Installing the wood burning stove

Paul and Miri wanted to ensure their spacious open plan kitchen and living room was warm and cosy without costing the earth to heat. They decided to get a wood burning stove installed as this had been highlighted in the AHER as an effective way of providing low cost efficient heating. MakeMyHomeGreen provided a specialist HETAS certified heating engineer to supply and install their beautiful new wood burning stove. This measure alone is expected to save 20% on their heating bills. 

“The wood burning stove makes such a difference. It’s like one of the family now." 
“MakeMyHomeGreen were great to work with. Their Advanced Home Energy Report and general advice was really useful and all the work they carried out was to a very high standard and reasonably priced. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home.”