Many modern building products are made from petrochemical based substances that can be very efficient in one sense, but are also frequently full of chemicals that then “off gas” for a long time after they have been installed. This leads to a build -up of harmful substances in the air in your home.

Many supposedly efficient insulation products are “closed cell”, this means they do not allow moisture to pass through them. This can mean that the wrong materials in the wrong place, installed in the wrong way can create problems that take a long time to detect, like moisture build up in walls causing condensation, leading to mould growth. This can be taking place out of site behind your walls, in your ceilings and roof and under your floors. This can harm your health and your building. It's very important to install the correct materials in the correct way so they work in harmony with your building. The older your building this is, the more important this is. 

This is why we use materials that allow correct moisture transfer to take place in your home, keeping you warm, safe and healthy.


So why do we use natural materials wherever possible?

Because they work better

They make you feel better

They make your home better

They make the world better

But mostly…

They make your life better.

MakeMyHomeGreen - London Fields  - enjoy your winter days

MakeMyHomeGreen - London Fields  - enjoy your winter days

Enjoy all the seasons in natural comfort with MakeMyHomeGreen